Delaware Pathways – Core Priorities

The foundation of the Delaware Pathways Strategic Plan is the five (5) core priorities listed below and the work strategies to fulfill them. Each core priority area is aligned to the Student Success 2025 report developed by the Vision Coalition of Delaware and the Delaware Growth Agenda report developed by the Delaware Business Roundtable. A lead agency or organization is assigned to each core priority area to accelerate work, engage additional partners, and ensure success.

Our ability to achieve the Delaware Promise and meet these goals depends on our capacity to mobilize across all sectors to address one of our nation’s greatest challenges. For more information on the plan of work associated with each core priority, please click on the following links:



The Delaware Pathways leadership team holds performance management routines three times a year to reflect on progress, celebrate what’s working, and problem solve items that are off-track. These strategic conversations, anchored in data, are the mechanism to drive coordination and implementation across the state.

To reach a shared view of implementation progress, the leads for each Delaware Pathways priority rate progress on the quality of the plan, capacity throughout the state to implement, and evidence of implementation progress. The overall likelihood of success is a summative rating for each priority area. The ratings serve as formative assessment—meaning a comparative reflection—on what’s working and what needs attention. The team is encouraged to flag and raise issues for joint problem solving to collectively achieve goals on behalf of Delaware youth.