Delaware employers face an incongruous reality: many companies want and need to hire Delawareans, but it can be difficult to find enough qualified applicants. Many Delawareans could do the work, but some don’t have the right skills. Delaware Pathways aims to close this “skills gap” issue by identifying workforce needs, aligning skill-building programs in high schools, and engaging employers with the future workforce to develop Delaware’s talent pipeline.

e-workforce-funnelWhy become an Industry Partner with Delaware Pathways?

Through the Delaware Pathways initiative, employers partner with educators to build a robust, skilled workforce ready to meet future industry needs, which includes jobs that require complex technical knowledge and communications skills.

As a Pathways Industry Partner, you become a valuable collaborator, helping shape curriculum, providing employee mentors, and ensuring that students are truly prepared to enter the world of work when they graduate, right here in Delaware.

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How Can My Company Get Involved?

Students are exposed to a continuum of work-based learning experiences during their time at Pathways. Work-based learning occurs through experiences that take place in school and the workplace.

Being immersed in a real-world environment ensures that students are learning behaviors and solving the kinds of business problems that will make them highly qualified candidates upon graduation.

Partnering with Schools for Work-based Learning:

  • Guest Speaking

    Visit a school and speak to students to answer questions about your career path, education and job.

  • Career Fairs

    Represent your company at a school, giving insight into your job and company and answering student questions.

Working with Students for Work-based Learning:

  • Project-based Learning

    Host a group of students who work as a team to complete a project to address a specific issue or problem within your company.

  • Job Shadowing

    Host a student group at your buisness and walk through the day-to-day experiences of your job.

  • Internships

    Employ a student over a period of 6-12 weeks to provide supplemental support to your business while gaining a meaningful, skill-building experience.

  • Mentorships

    Connect directly with a student over a period of time to guide their career exploration, preparation and application phases.

  • Apprenticeships

    Employ a student to learn an industry- or job-specific trade, resulting in a skilled employee with intrinsic knowledge of your company.

Ideally, an employer will partner with Delaware Pathways across the full spectrum of work-based experiences, which provides continuity to students and enables employers to get to know them as future employees.



Industry Partners

Delaware Pathways is made possible through collaboration our industry partners, including some of the most reputable Delaware businesses.