As a parent, you have major influence in your student’s career decision. But over half of all parents feel unprepared when it comes to helping a student make career-related decisions. Delaware Pathways combines comprehensive education and the workforce to provide a pathway for youth to successfully continue their education and pursue a career.

Preparing your student for life after high school is vastly different today than it was even 10 years ago. The labor market looks much different, and there are new careers emerging every day. How can you help your student foster their unique strengths and interests so he or she is prepared for a fast-paced, rapidly changing world?

Helping your student to understand their skills, interests, abilities, and how those qualities match up with the needs of the labor market is a great place to start. Consider these statistics:


  • Middle-skill jobs (jobs that need some type of post-high school education like an apprenticeship, certificate, or Associates degree) will have the highest need for new employees by 2025.
  • There is alarmingly high unemployment rate for young adults (age 20-24) when compared to all other demographics.

Technical skills and problem solving experience are more important than ever, whether your student chooses to begin a career right out of high school, or pursue a college degree.

Delaware Pathways will help your student gain the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to qualify for thousands of new, great-paying careers right here in Delaware.



How can you help your child find a Career Pathway?

Delaware Pathways is an integrated set of curriculum and training services to help students develop the academic, technical, and employability skills, and to gain the real-world experience needed for successful, in-demand jobs. Delaware Pathways:

  • Your student has already completed a student success plan. Use your student’s SSP or SPARC career profile to access his or her career assessment history. No profile yet? Setting one up is fast and easy, and will help your student start the career exploration process. See your student’s guidance counselor to get started.

  • Start talking! Help your student identify their unique skills at school – Does he excel in a particular subject? Does she enjoy in analyzing things, building things, or helping others? Is he or she a strong team leader? By mapping out your student’s skills, your student can start to relate their strengths to career fields.

  • Make a Plan. Speak to your student’s guidance counselor or CTE director about signing up for a career pathway.

  • See the Real World. Nothing beats first-hand experience! Delaware Pathways connects your student with many different work-based learning experiences like field trips, job shadows, and internships!



Exploring Pathways

Each of the Delaware Pathways has a Pathways Packet, listing school courses, work-based learning experiences, job paths and more. Click below for more information on each Pathway:

See a listing of Pathways offered at each school by visiting the Pathways map .
How can your student enroll in a Pathway? See a listing of guidance counselors for each school.

Are you or your child interested in Pathway that’s not offered in his or her school? Tell us which Pathway(s) you’d like us to consider adding.

What Pathway(s) would you like to see at your school? (check all that apply)



How Delaware Pathways Students Engage in Work-Based Learning



Other Resources For Parents

Delaware School Choice
Not all schools offer the same Pathways, and your student may be interested in a pathway program that isn’t offered in their feeder high school. Delaware offers school choice, which allows you to apply to attend a public high school that is not in your feeder pattern. Understand the process, application, and deadlines here.

Career OneStop
Resources for students to self-assess their interests, explore careers, and learn about industries.

Financial Aid Resources
Figuring out how to pay for college can be overwhelming. The good news is that there are many financial aid resources available to you.

Inspire Scholarship
Delaware residents can apply for the Inspire Scholarship which will provide a maximum of $3,000 per year for up to six (6) consecutive semesters. Summer sessions are not included.

SEED Scholarship Program
Delaware residents can apply for the SEED Scholarship program, which will provide two years of tuition-free attendance at Delaware Technical Community College.



Delaware Pathways Continues to Prosper (The News Journal): Governor Jack Markell has challenged Delaware to meet the “Delaware Promise,” a commitment that by 2025, 65% of our local workforce will earn a college degree or professional certificate, and every student will graduate high school prepared for continuing education or a career. See some history of the Delaware Promise in this article.

The Parent’s Role in Career Selection (Qualifax): How important is the role of the parent in the career guidance process? Qualifax breaks it down.


Some Industry Partners that Provide Work-Based Learning Experiences