career-ladder-sYou already know it’s not a good idea to wait until graduation to think about your future. But what if you could “try on” a career now by spending time with industry leaders who would show you what today’s workforce really looks like? What if high school courses included hands-on activities you could use at a future job?

Our region’s economy is growing. We need more people who are prepared to enter careers in technology, healthcare, hospitality, finance, and more. Why? Demand is up for these critical areas! Reports suggest that by 2018, nearly 60% of all jobs will require a skilled or technical degree. That means technical skills and problem-solving experience are now more important than ever. You’ve got options. Whether you choose to begin a career now or pursue a college/technical degree after high school, now is the time to prepare.

Delaware Pathways will help you gain the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to qualify for thousands of new, great-paying careers right here in Delaware.



What is Delaware Pathways?

Delaware Pathways is a partnership between educators and business that helps you develop the academic, technical, and employability skills, and to gain the real-world experience needed for successful, in-demand jobs. Delaware Pathways:

  • Offers you the opportunity to gain early college credits while you are still in high school
  • Gets you on the path toward industry certification in a specific field, providing a solid foundation of relevant job skills
  • Provides meaningful work experiences that build valuable skills that will qualify you for thousands of new, great-paying jobs right here in Delaware



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Success Stories

Delaware Pathways is helping students like you all over the state. See what your peers are accomplishing with a little help from Delaware Pathways:

Markell Dion Harris, Manufacturing Pathway
As a junior at William Penn High School, Markell wasn’t sure what his future career might look like. Then he found Delaware Pathways. He didn’t live in a great neighborhood, and he knew lots of kids were getting into trouble. But he was determined to keep on the right path – a path that led him to Delaware Pathways. Markell enrolled in the Manufacturing Pathway. “To me, manufacturing meant a good job,” said Markell. “I didn’t know much about the jobs in manufacturing then, but I knew it would be a solid field to be in.”

Along with manufacturing-focused courses in his senior year, Markell participated in a six-week summer internship with Bloom Energy, one of Delaware Pathway’s Industry partners. After successfully completing the intern program, Markell was offered a full-time position with Bloom upon graduation.

“I never thought I’d be looking at multiple job offers after high school. Now I have choices. I’m choosing to continue my education, but I know I have the contacts at these companies and I could come back in the future.”

Markell shared his Pathways story at the Annual Delaware Pathways Conference


Resources For Students

Career OneStop
Resources for students to self-assess their interests, explore careers, and learn about industries.

Delaware Goes to College
Learn more about the steps you should take to be ready for success at college and beyond.

Financial Aid Resources
Figuring out how to pay for college can be overwhelming. The good news is that there are many financial aid resources available to you.

Inspire Scholarship
Delaware residents can apply for the Inspire Scholarship, which will provide a maximum of $3,000 per year for up to six consecutive semesters (summer semesters not included).

SEED Scholarship Program
Did you know you can attend college for free? Delaware residents can apply for the SEED Scholarship program, which will provide two years of tuition-free attendance at Delaware Technical Community College.