Delaware Pathways


As the path to achieve the American Dream has changed, Delawareans have risen to the occasion. Just a few short years ago we faced a collapsing economy and a growing deficit. The challenges we faced weren’t just the result of a temporary economic downturn, but of a changing world, an economy forever altered by global competition and new technology.
In response to these shifts, businesses have found new global markets, workers have invested hundreds of hours in job training, and students have become the first in their families to attend and complete college. These achievements are a
reflection of the remarkable talents and character of Delawareans. But we have more to do and new adversities to conquer.

We now confront the incongruous reality that Delaware employers are hiring, but can’t find enough qualified applicants. This is frustrating because we know that many Delawareans could do the work, but may not have the right skills. We can change this
trend by better connecting educators and employers. It is our responsibility to provide Delawareans with the bridge to the life they want—workforce training for people who want to upgrade their skills, education that aligns with the knowledge they need in the new economy, and more responsive government that supports their drive to succeed.

That is why we are committed to achieving the Delaware Promise—and ensuring that sixty-five percent of our workforce has a college degree or professional certificate by 2025. And that is why we are investing in new opportunities for youth and adults to partner with employers through Delaware Pathways. The path to middle-class security is not what it was thirty years ago and our approach to career preparation can’t be either. Let’s ensure that all of our youth and adult learners are on a path to fulfill their educational goals and career aspirations.

An incredible amount of work is being done to further the goals outlined in this plan. Now we need to accelerate our effort and keep the Delaware Promise. We hope that you will join us in this extraordinary opportunity. It is work that changes lives, supports our employers, and helps to build a brighter economy.

Members of the Delaware Pathways Steering Committee