Delaware Business Roundtable Supports Delaware Pathways approach to Work-based Learning

The findings and recommendations recently released by the Delaware Business roundtable in their July 2016 report “Delaware Growth Agenda” align with the Delaware Pathways.

Delaware Pathways works hand-in-hand with key government and business partners such as the Delaware Business Roundtable Education Committee to identify key Delaware industries with a growing shortage of skilled workers, and creates clear Pathways to meet those future needs as described in the “Delaware Growth Agenda”.

The Delaware Business Roundtable engaged TIP Strategies to meet with more than 100 individuals representing key employers, public officials, economic development representatives, industry associations and interest groups. The work of the Vision Coalition of Delaware, another Pathways supporter, was specifically cited in the recommendations and strategy. Delaware Pathways is in alignment and supports these recommendations.

It is encouraging to see community business leaders recognize that a systematic approach to growing Delaware’s workforce is necessary.

The report specifically recommends improving the state’s public education system by implementing the strategic recommendation contained in the “Student Success 2025” report published by the Vision Coalition of Delaware.

The report says, “The strategies designed to link education, workforce, and community resources are particularly significant to building a direct connection between employers and public education. These recommendations will result in the expansion and creation of career pathways for students that are at least partially designed by the state’s employers.”

The recommendations, which Delaware Pathways supports, include:

  • Supporting school redesign that deeply integrates K-12 schools with postsecondary education institutions and employers;
  • Strengthening educator capacity by providing structures for highly effective teachers to co-develop curriculum with employers;
  • Providing all students with early exposure to workforce and higher education experiences;
  • Increasing alignment among K-12, higher education and the workforce; and
  • Encouraging industry associations to develop certification programs.
  • Delaware Pathways is working to advance all of these recommendations.

Delaware Pathways partnerships are positioned to advance the Delaware Growth Agenda by linking students, parents; schools and employers with the most critical needs within Delaware’s economy and provide pathways for students in high school to best prepare for college and/or career.

The Delaware Pathways initiative consists of eight high-impact programs in in-demand sectors, including:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Culinary and Hospitality
  • Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Biomedical Science
  • Finance
  • Allied Health
  • Cisco Networking

To learn more about Delaware Pathways click for more information:


Delaware Pathways is committed to a model of continuing education and career preparation that spans our secondary and postsecondary education system (grades7-14+) by supporting students as they enroll in career pathways that reflect the needs of the state and regional economies.

Congratulations and thank you to the Delaware Business Roundtable for your continued support.

Delaware Pathways is a member of the Pathways to Prosperity Network a unique collaboration of school districts, business, higher education and national advisory partners that represent a new way to do school. The programs are a set of curriculum focused on a specific industry based “pathway” paired with opportunities to gain workplace experience while still in high school, graduate with a start on a college degree, or gain qualification needed to go to work immediately. Contact Delaware Pathways here.

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