Delaware Office of Work-Based Learning

Delaware Office of Work-Based Learning

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The Delaware Office of Work-Based Learning serves as the state’s intermediary, leading engagement between public schools, higher education, non-profits, and Delaware employers.

We are a Delaware Tech initiative that connects all these entities so that, together, we give students high-quality developmental experiences that inspire and prepare them to drive Delaware’s economic future.

The Delaware Office of Work-Based Learning facilitates dynamic school-employer partnerships in high-demand industries across the state. DOWBL introduces schools to vetted partners, co-designs student immersions and industry projects, supports educators with project management, and much more. Simply put, DOWBL puts schools and students on the inside track to workplace success.

HOW Delaware Office of Work-Based Learning AND PATHWAYS CONNECT​

Delaware’s strategic approach to economic development and a robust talent pipeline hinges on the engagement of employers.

Delaware Pathways calls for a wide range of employer inputs: at the highest, most strategic level, we need employers to define the skills they’re looking for in graduates so we can all work toward the same end goal.

From awareness opportunities with students that engage and inspire them toward high-demand career paths, to immersion experiences that provide hands-on, practical experience to springboard students into internships, apprenticeships, and other high-value experiential learning opportunities, The Delaware Office of Work-Based Learning is working to build Delaware’s 21st century workforce.

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