People of Pathways: Shawn Smith, Teacher

We’re continuing on the quest to introduce you to the “People of Pathways;” They’re the students, educators, and employers inspiring postsecondary success for young people in Delaware, and we’re bringing you their stories every month. Stop back often or read them on our FacebookTwitter and Instagram. “People of Pathways” is brought to you thanks to our partner, the Rodel Foundation of Delaware.

September’s People of Pathways story comes from Shawn Smith, a Business Education Teacher who helped launch the Academy of Finance at Appoquinimink High School in Middletown.

“When we first started the Academy of Finance, the response was amazing. Students said that everybody should take this course because it’s so practical. They didn’t know about credit card debt, all the insurance plans, budgeting. These are the things their parents talk about but they don’t necessarily understand.

Some students came up to me this past semester and said, “Ms. Smith, I opened up a savings account because of the things we learned in class.” And, “I really feel that it’s necessarily to tuck some money away now for when I need it later.”

That’s just an example of how it’s really hitting home. It’s causing them to think about where they want to go in life—and not just, “What do I want for dinner tonight?”

It’s hard! Our job is to get them to start thinking. And once you start thinking, you can start planning.

-Shawn Smith, Business Education Teacher, Appoquinimink High School


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