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When you learn a new language, you want to be able to actually use it. With real people. In the real world. Every part of our Language Programs are designed with that goal in mind. Choose a Pathway that you’re interested in, and learn more about the languages offered:

Allied Health

The Allied Health pathway engages students in open-ended problem solving where they study topics such as medical terminology and human anatomy and physiology. Through exploration of the National Health Standards, students will acquire important skills necessary for healthcare professionals such as medical mathematics, communication, safety practices, legal responsibilities, and teamwork. In addition, students will develop technical skills such as performing a wound culture, measuring vital signs, collecting a throat culture and performing a strep test. 

The program prepares students for a variety of careers in healthcare such as respiratory therapist, nurse, physical therapist, dental hygienist, and medical lab technician.

CTE & WORLD LANGUAGES: Delaware Department of Education
American Sign LanguageHigh School World Language CoursesASLPI, Delaware Certificate of Multiliteracy
ChineseImmersion, High School World Language Courses, AP Chinese Dual EnrollmentAAPPL, HSK, OPI/WPT, YCT, Delaware Certificate of Multiliteracy, STAMP, OPIc
Haitian CreoleCredit for Demonstrated ProficiencyOPI/WPT, WorldSpeak, Delaware Certificate of Multiliteracy
FrenchHigh School World Language Courses, AP FrenchAAPPL, DELF, OPI/WPT, Delaware Certificate of Multiliteracy, STAMP, OPIc
GermanHigh School World Language Courses, AP GermanAAPPL, DSD,OPI/WPT, Delaware Certificate of Multiliteracy, STAMP, OPIc
SpanishImmersion, High School World Language Courses, AP Spanish, Dual EnrollmentAAPPL, Delaware Certificate of Multiliteracy, DELF, OPI/WPT, OPIc, STAMP

Community Connections

Westside Family Healthcare Henrietta Johnson Medical Center United Way of Delaware Latino Unidos

Wage Differential

Bilingual employees are compensated with a language differential of 5-20% more per hour than the base rate of a monolingual employee


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