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Computer Science

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Career pathways span secondary and postsecondary education, align to employer needs and careers, and provide high-quality education, training, and support services for youth and adults.

In Delaware, career pathways begin in the public education system (K-12) through Career and Technical Education (CTE) pathways offered in charter, comprehensive, and technical school districts. These pathways continue through adult education, occupational training programs, and postsecondary programs that are administered by partnering state agencies, institutions of higher education, and other service providers.

Computer Science

The Computer Science program of study engages students in open-ended problem solving where students study computational practices such as algorithm development, problem solving and programming within the context of problems relevant to their everyday lives. Computer Science programs of study are available at both the middle and high school levels. The high school program includes the completion of two Advanced Placement courses and is described in the graphic below.

Sequence of Courses:

Exploring Computer Science

AP Computer Science
Principles (CSP)
AP Computer Science A (CSA)

Early College Credit/Credentials:

Up to 4 college credits
at Delaware Technical
Community College
Up to 6 college credits at
Delaware State University
Up to 6 college credits
at Wilmington University
Up to 3 college credits at
University of Delaware

Work-Based Learning:

Job Shadowing
Mock Interviews
Resume Workshops

Bachelor’s Degree

Average Salary:

Common Positions:
Software Developers, Applications

Associates Degree

Average Salary:

Common Positions:
Web Developers


Average Salary:

Common Positions:
Computer User Support Specialists

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Wage Differential

Bilingual employees are compensated with a language differential of 5-20% more per hour than the base rate of a monolingual employee


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Beatriz Ramirez , Student at William Penn

“Now I know what I want to do with my life, thanks to the focus on careers at William Penn. At first, I picked culinary arts because I didn’t know what else to do. But I fell in love with it!”